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Meet the Maker: LittleBird Electronics


The Little Bird Company is run by Madeleine (who goes by Maddy) with help from Marcus Schappi.

The company got started when Marcus was studying Design Science at Sydney University in 2006. At the time it was hard for lecturers and students to purchase quality electronics at reasonable prices and Little Bird Electronics was born out of this frustration! Continue reading


Meet the Maker: Australian Electric Vehicle Association


The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Inc. (AEVA) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1973, comprising of individuals and organisations with an interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle technology. Continue reading

Meet the Maker: The Innovators Club


The Innovators Club run free community workshops that teach people rapid innovation skills. They aim to spread the word and help more people create more robust ideas faster. Continue reading

Maker Profile: Botbitz

Botbitz_battling robots

BotBitz makes, designs and imports a variety of robots and robot-related products. They are a dominant player in the Robot Combat community and specialise in rugged high power parts.  You might also find them moonlighting as ‘Robowars Australia’, running robot-related events across the country.

Continue reading

Maker Profile: Aran Blocks

Aran Blocks 1

Aran Blocks is an innovative building block system that can be used to create small weight-bearing structures. As Dev Anand Dorasamy, creator of Aran Blocks states, “It’s what you would get if LEGO met IKEA, fell in love and had a baby.” Continue reading

Meet the Maker: BotBitz


BotBitz is an Australian developer and supplier and of robot kits and parts. We develop custom electronic speed controller software for hobbyists in particular for the sport of combat robotics.

BotBitz sponsors events across Australia and internationally and is a supplier of parts for robot destruction all across the world.

BotBitz will be bringing along their Green Ant kit for kids and especially big kids to play with. The Green Ants are a 3D printed antweight combat robot kit. Equipped with a flipping mechanism and ready for battle.

Meet the Maker: Robots and Dinosaurs


Robots and Dinosaurs are a makerspace in Sydney: a communal space where geeks and artists brainstorm ideas, play games, work on collaborative projects, and share the cost of some great tools.

Meet the Maker: Maker’s Muse

Maker’s Muse brings you 3D Printing Tutorials, Reviews, Gaming Hacks and Makery Goodness through our Youtube channel. Learn how to get started in 3D Printing, all the way to advanced tutorials like how to 3D Print custom figurines from almost any game!

Meet the Maker: Junk Percussion Workshop


Due to circumstances out of our control the Junk Percussion Workshop will no longer be appearing at the Sydney Mini Maker Faire. 

Junk percussion workshops and performances seek to inspire participants to create, innovate and recycle while having fun and creating and playing music. Junk percussion workshops and performances are designed to engage participants in making and playing junk percussion instruments led by Lucky Lartey from Ghana, West Africa and the team from Lucky African Dance.

The workshop explores important themes of recycling and reuse as well as educating participants about the history of innovation in Africa – where reuse and recycling is a part of everyday life. The workshop supports participants to learn how to build instruments using recycled materials and then how to play these instruments.

Meet the Maker: Makers Place

f4mp04Makers Place is a community organisation bringing together under one roof a gaggle of makers of all shapes and sizes. From not-for-profit organisations, solo inventor to backyard tinkerers. All our members are unique in their crafts and tools. From 3d printers to throwing wheels, sewing machines to soldering irons. We welcome all makers who have an enthusiasm to share knowledge and a drive to create things with a socially or environmentally positive impact.

At this Mini Maker Faire, Makers Place will be showing off its diversity and solidarity, with a plethora of thingamajigs to delight the hands and minds of Sydney’s maker community and beyond. These delights come spilling out of the toolboxes of Makers Place members with interactive play and demonstrations from Conroy Bradley’s Inmoov robot, Elecrocrafts- a meet-up group for women and girls to share and learn the wonders of electronics. Ability Mate- a non-profit movement designing and manufacturing affordable Assistive Technology products for people with disabilities, Eora3D- making technology accessible and affordable through smartphone compatible 3d scanners, and Three Farm, founders of Makers Place and educators in 3d printing and design. Grace Turtle, Three Farm founder would also like to present a talk on community based design.