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Meet the Maker: LittleBird Electronics


The Little Bird Company is run by Madeleine (who goes by Maddy) with help from Marcus Schappi.

The company got started when Marcus was studying Design Science at Sydney University in 2006. At the time it was hard for lecturers and students to purchase quality electronics at reasonable prices and Little Bird Electronics was born out of this frustration! Continue reading


Talk: Gavin Smith shows you “How To Make Anything”.

Gavin Smith from the Sydney makerspace Robots & Dinosaurs

Gavin Smith from the Sydney makerspace Robots & Dinosaurs.

Gavin Smith is a robotics engineer that helps run the Robots and Dinosaurs Makerspace in Sydney, and in his spare time is restoring an Electron Microscope. Because he can.

If you’re not aware, we’re living in the <future>. In the last few years new methods of making things have become available for everybody. In this talk, modestly titled “How to Make Anything”, Gavin will talk about using lasers, molten glass, glowing lights and robots that make things, and above all how to get started. Continue reading