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Meet the Maker: LittleBird Electronics


The Little Bird Company is run by Madeleine (who goes by Maddy) with help from Marcus Schappi.

The company got started when Marcus was studying Design Science at Sydney University in 2006. At the time it was hard for lecturers and students to purchase quality electronics at reasonable prices and Little Bird Electronics was born out of this frustration! Continue reading


Maker Profile: Core Electronics

Core Electronics (MLC 206) (003).jpg

Core Electronics help make DIY electronics as accessible as possible to everyone in Australia. They source electronic pieces from all over the world and provide local support to get people familiar with new technologies. As Graham Mitchell, founder of Core Electronics, states “we’ve turned maker electronics into a lifestyle and absolutely enjoy helping others with their projects.”

Graham was first introduced to the maker movement as a young avionics technician midway through his TAFE qualifications. He became aware of microcontrollers, commenting “… from that moment on I was compelled to design, learn, tinker and create.”

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Meet the Maker: BotBitz


BotBitz is an Australian developer and supplier and of robot kits and parts. We develop custom electronic speed controller software for hobbyists in particular for the sport of combat robotics.

BotBitz sponsors events across Australia and internationally and is a supplier of parts for robot destruction all across the world.

BotBitz will be bringing along their Green Ant kit for kids and especially big kids to play with. The Green Ants are a 3D printed antweight combat robot kit. Equipped with a flipping mechanism and ready for battle.

Meet the Maker: Core Electronics


Core Electronics – we are a group of makers in the heart of Newcastle that run an online electronics store. We’ve partnered with brands from all over the world and have thousands of products for your most creative projects!

At this year’s Sydney Mini Maker Faire we’ll showcase our favourite educational products alongside interactive displays from littleBits, Solarbotics, Sparkfun and DFRobot. See you there!

Meet the Maker: Little Bird Electronics

Banana Keyboard Little Bird Electronics is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible. We sell a range of Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, sensors, actuators and other maker gear from companies such as Adafruit, DFRobot, Pololu, Seeed Studio, SparkFun and many others. At the Sydney Mini Maker Faire we will showcase:

  • A Makey Makey banana keyboard
  • Wearable electronics using Lilypad
  • LittleBits snap together demo
  • Paper circuits
  • Raspberry Pi mini demo
  • And all sorts of Arduino projects!

Meet the Maker: LX Group

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LX is an innovative contract electronics design company specialising in the design of embedded systems and wireless technologies. They offer clients a professional turnkey experience, with services designed to take a new idea from concept through to production.

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Meet the Maker: Robots and Dinosaurs


Robots and Dinosaurs is a makerspace in Sydney: a communal, not for profit, space where geeks, artists and crafters come together to brainstorm ideas, play games and work on collaborative and individual projects. The space houses 3d printers, a laser cutter, a sewing machine, soldering equipment, a CNC mill and much more.

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Meet the Maker: Ezyblue

Ezyblue incorporates and develops bluetooth technology and also builds easy to use bluetooth and wireless starter kits. The Ezyblue range of bluetooth USB adaptors use the Bluegiga range, both classic and BLE (bluetooth low energy) or version 4.

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Meet the Maker: Hand i Pockets

'Kit-e Kat Pocket' 2014

‘Kit-e Kat Pocket’ 2014

Hand i Pockets is a funshop that invites YOU to come along and make objects for fun and enjoyment to stimulate persons with dementia. It involves playing with craft textiles, hacking toys and embedding electronics.

Life can be increasingly limited for people with dementia – but everyone likes to have something to do, things to fiddle and play with or games to amuse. This funshop gives you a chance to contribute ideas for new activities for people with dementia.

What stuff, would you like to play or fiddle with? What would make you laugh? What would you put in your pocket?

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