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Meet the Maker: LittleBird Electronics


The Little Bird Company is run by Madeleine (who goes by Maddy) with help from Marcus Schappi.

The company got started when Marcus was studying Design Science at Sydney University in 2006. At the time it was hard for lecturers and students to purchase quality electronics at reasonable prices and Little Bird Electronics was born out of this frustration! Continue reading


Meet the Maker: Little Bird Electronics

Banana Keyboard Little Bird Electronics is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible. We sell a range of Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, sensors, actuators and other maker gear from companies such as Adafruit, DFRobot, Pololu, Seeed Studio, SparkFun and many others. At the Sydney Mini Maker Faire we will showcase:

  • A Makey Makey banana keyboard
  • Wearable electronics using Lilypad
  • LittleBits snap together demo
  • Paper circuits
  • Raspberry Pi mini demo
  • And all sorts of Arduino projects!

Meet the Maker: duinoPRO

Have you got an idea for a really great product? Is there something you’ve been tinkering with that you think you could produce and sell?

As a maker you’ve almost certainly heard of Arduino. Maybe you’ve tried prototyping your ideas using Arduino boards and shields. You’ve got your idea; you’ve got a great prototype. But what do you do next? How do you take your Arduino-based prototype and turn it into a product that you can sell?

This is something a lot of people are thinking about. It’s something that the team at duinoPRO think about all the time. And that’s why they’ve created duinoPRO. duinoPRO is an open-source, Arduino-compatible, customizable, production-ready platform designed for creating real products.

It’s easy to prototype with, runs on the Arduino IDE, but can also take you and your product to that next level. It is designed to be manufactured in volume on an automated assembly line. duinoPRO can take your idea from makerspace to marketplace.

Come visit the duinoPRO stall at the Sydney Maker Faire to hear more about duinoPRO and see it in action!

Meet the Maker: CREATE UNSW

CREATE is a student-led maker group and is one of the most popular clubs at UNSW. CREATE aims to provide an opportunity for people to learn practical skills in engineering, invention and design, and collaborate on ideas and projects.

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Meet the Maker: Robots and Dinosaurs


Robots and Dinosaurs is a makerspace in Sydney: a communal, not for profit, space where geeks, artists and crafters come together to brainstorm ideas, play games and work on collaborative and individual projects. The space houses 3d printers, a laser cutter, a sewing machine, soldering equipment, a CNC mill and much more.

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Meet the Maker: Ezyblue

Ezyblue incorporates and develops bluetooth technology and also builds easy to use bluetooth and wireless starter kits. The Ezyblue range of bluetooth USB adaptors use the Bluegiga range, both classic and BLE (bluetooth low energy) or version 4.

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Meet the Maker: Freetronics

The Freetronics TankBot

The Freetronics TankBot

Freetronics designs and builds sensor modules, interface boards and
microcontroller boards for hobbyists to use in their projects. Their
products are open source hardware and software, and are compatible
with the Arduino ecosystem. Freetronics designs have been used in home
automation projects, scientific experiments, art exhibitions, and
educational satellites sent into space! If you can imagine it,
Freetronics wants to help you build it.

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Meet the Maker: Ro-buddy


Imagine the versatility of an Arduino, combine that with a built-in battery charger, multiple motor drivers, a USB that connects to your Android device, an I2C interface, Audio Power Amplifier, a dedicated 5v supply to connect a Raspberry Pi, alongside a powerful app for Android with drag-n-drop capabilities to build custom controller interfaces for your next project, be it either a robot, or something more elaborate like a home automation project – Ro-buddy provides a powerful ecosystem with tightly integrated hardware and software for makers who want to take the next step.

A project by Robological – A Sydney based Robotic startup.