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Talk: Gavin Smith shows you “How To Make Anything”.

Gavin Smith from the Sydney makerspace Robots & Dinosaurs

Gavin Smith from the Sydney makerspace Robots & Dinosaurs.

Gavin Smith is a robotics engineer that helps run the Robots and Dinosaurs Makerspace in Sydney, and in his spare time is restoring an Electron Microscope. Because he can.

If you’re not aware, we’re living in the <future>. In the last few years new methods of making things have become available for everybody. In this talk, modestly titled “How to Make Anything”, Gavin will talk about using lasers, molten glass, glowing lights and robots that make things, and above all how to get started. Continue reading


Meet the Maker: 3D Tek


Based on the North Shore in Sydney, 3dTek aim to provide a local supply of parts for makers at a fair price. They provide local pickup, and extended hours for that part you need “right now”!   Continue reading

Maker Profile: Maker’s Muse

Maker’s Muse create a multitude of design projects utilising 3D printing technologies.

Capturing all the different printing process on film, Maker Muse run their own YouTube channel to share their learnings and creations with the wider world. By providing reviews, projects and tips in 3D printing, Maker’s Muse aim to empower anyone interested in being a maker.

Angus Deveson, the master mind behind Maker’s Muse, showed a love for tinkering with tech from an early age when, as a 10 year old, he took apart his parents VCRs without them knowing.

Continue reading

Maker Profile: Aran Blocks

Aran Blocks 1

Aran Blocks is an innovative building block system that can be used to create small weight-bearing structures. As Dev Anand Dorasamy, creator of Aran Blocks states, “It’s what you would get if LEGO met IKEA, fell in love and had a baby.” Continue reading

Meet the Maker: Maker’s Muse

Maker’s Muse brings you 3D Printing Tutorials, Reviews, Gaming Hacks and Makery Goodness through our Youtube channel. Learn how to get started in 3D Printing, all the way to advanced tutorials like how to 3D Print custom figurines from almost any game!

Meet the Maker: 3D Printing Systems


3D Printing Systems sells desktop and large build volume 3D Printers and ABS plastic filament in a range of colours. We have the UP, Inspire and Kevvox ranges of printers and consumables

At the Sydney Mini Maker Faire 3D printing systems  will be showcasing the UP Box Desktop 3D Printer.

Meet the Maker: ModFab 3D Printing

Modfab 3D printing supplies tried and tested printers and consumables to schools and makers across Australia. In addition to this, we have quality training courses and have brought over fifty teachers and hobbyists into the wonderful world of 3D printing. Modfab has a mission and that is to bring this fabulous technology to as many people in Australia as possible!

Meet the Maker: Deltasine

deltasine00001_1Deltasine was founded in Australia by two scientists. We met in 2002 while doing studies at the University of Wollongong.

After parting ways for a few years we wound up working on high tech products for the same company in 2011. Having amassed a vast range of skills and knowledge we decided to apply them in new ways in the world of 3D printing.

We set up small production facilities in Canberra and begun to prototype and experiment as (some) scientists do, observing and tending to every detail of our system with the goal of making the best domestic 3D printer on the market.

After countless design iterations and dozens of prototypes we refined our product to exceptional standards. Though we are currently small, our machines certainly have features and performance that out compete many of the big players in the domestic 3D printing world.

Deltasine is 100% Australian owned, our systems have been designed in Australia and are manufactured in Australia by us. As many as possible of our components and materials are sourced locally from either Australian manufacturers and/or suppliers.

Meet the Maker: Endless 3D

Endless 3D will demonstrating reverse engineering technology including 3D scanning, 3D design Software and 3D printing. The booth will demonstrate how to accurately 3d scan objects and components and then how to import scans into design software where it then can be used for reverse engineering.

The 3d scanner is a professional unit and the reverse engineering software call geomagic design X is also a professional top end software and regarded as one of the best in the industry. Endless 3D will have the UPBox 3D printer on display showing how the printer is used for prototyping, models & reverse engineered components for test fitting and design checks.


Meet the Maker: AIO Robotics ZEUS 3D

ZEUS is the World’s First All-In-One 3D printer that scans/edits and prints. We will be show casing the non-profit we work with (Enable) which provides 3D printed prosthetics for kids born various deformities of the limbs.

We will be demonstrating how these prosthetics are made with a 3D printer. We will have prosthetics on show for people to hold as well as demonstrations on how they are designed and built and how they benefit disadvantaged kids from all walks of life.