Maker Profile: Bilby 3D

bilby01_FinderFrontOn2Bilby 3D are the Australian experts in 3D desktop printers, scanners and routers. They have sold thousands of printers as well as serviced hundreds of machines.

Chris and Lee Bilby are the founders of Bilby 3D, who started by making 3D printers in their garage. They thought it likely they weren’t the only ones and started to import filament as well as parts for the assembly and maintenance of printers. As it turns out, there were a lot more hackers out there than they thought! This evolved into Bilby 3D, who now have retail stores and 3D printer service centres in Sydney and Brisbane.

Bilby 3D print an array of products including archaeological and medical models as well as making props for TV. They also make the perfect filament with ensured diameter accuracy and no tangles, which helps to make 3D printing easier.

All the staff at Bilby 3D are hobby makers and cite the 3D Printer Nerd and Maker’s Muse YouTube channels as their top maker resources.

The team at Bilby 3D all agree that they can’t live without their rat tail files.

Find out more about Bilby 3D here:



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