Meet the Maker: BitScope Designs – Analog and Digital


BitScope Designs are an Australian developer, manufacturer and exporter. Producing a range of programmable scopes, analyzers, generators and data acquisition systems compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Raspberry Pi, they are strong advocates for improving STEM education with a focus on programming and electronics.

At this year’s Sydney Mini Maker Faire, BitScope will be demonstrating pocket sized mixed-signal oscilloscopes for real-time test, measurement and data acquisition & visualisation on Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Offering seamless connectivity, whether its for networked, remote or local control.

They’ll also be showing their brand-new BitScope Blade – an embedded computing solution with a robust design for industrial deployment using Raspberry Pi. The BitScope Blade is available as either a stand-alone unit,  boxed or wall-mounted or for 19″ racks for hobbyists, industrial use, an “internet of things” gateway, or for those interested in edge, cloud & cluster computing.

Find out more about BitScope at their website –


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