Maker Profile: OpenROV

Dominik Fretz 3

Dominik Fretz is a software designer for Open Remote Operated Vehicles (OpenROV), which specialise in building open-source, low-cost underwater robots for exploration and education. OpenROV is also a community of professionals as well as amateur ocean explorers and technologists.

Dominik was first drawn to OpenROV via its community, where a group of enthusiasts were sharing plans to build underwater robots. Dominik was inspired by the innovative processes stating, “OpenROV’s design was radically different, using the somewhat ‘new’ maker tools and throwing new ideas out there.”

Citing Eric Stackpole and David Lang, the co-founders of OpenROV, as his inspirations Dominik acknowledges the challenges that come with turning pro “…being a professional maker that takes their idea and tries to create a start-up is tough…If you want to go pro, make sure you have the right people around you.”

When asked what his most essential piece maker kit is, Dominik says can’t live without a laptop and an internet connection.

Check out the OpenROV website here:

Dominik FretzDominik Fretz 2


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