Maker Profile: BioHackSyd/Biofoundry


Biofoudry is Australia’s first community lab for citizen scientists. Its mission is to democratise science by breaking cost entry barrier to science education and research.

Mat Lindsay from BioHackSyd/Biofoundry, and the lab’s Project Director for LAMP Diagnostics, will be visiting the Mini Maker Faire this year. Mat is currently working on the circuit board design for LAMP Diagnostics; a Biofoundry project that aims to create a device for rapid, point-of-care STI detection.

Mat had to learn about circuit design, specifically KiCAD, “which is a great piece of open-source software that rivals professional packages.” His top maker resource is Hackaday blog, due to their fascinating articles and their project database where people can log their own projects. Mat also loves their reader competitions, “…last year’s prize was a trip to space!”

Mat can’t live without his multimeter, “it can test almost every basic aspect of a circuit and it absolutely invaluable”. When asked what is the best thing about being a hobby maker? “Hobby means you don’t have to fill out forms!”

To find out more about Biofoundry, visit the website here:




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