Maker Profile: Core Electronics

Core Electronics (MLC 206) (003).jpg

Core Electronics help make DIY electronics as accessible as possible to everyone in Australia. They source electronic pieces from all over the world and provide local support to get people familiar with new technologies. As Graham Mitchell, founder of Core Electronics, states “we’ve turned maker electronics into a lifestyle and absolutely enjoy helping others with their projects.”

Graham was first introduced to the maker movement as a young avionics technician midway through his TAFE qualifications. He became aware of microcontrollers, commenting “… from that moment on I was compelled to design, learn, tinker and create.”

Graham started Core Electronics back in 2007, whilst he was still a full time avionics technician in the Royal Australian Air Force. As a sole trader, Graham would buy product in bulk from around the world to sell to his fellow RAAF maker colleagues. Fast forward a few years and Core Electronics is now a leading retailer with a qualified team selling to businesses and individuals from all around the world.

Graham cites Nathtan Seidle of Sparkfun as one of his maker heroes, “The Sparkfun team continue to have a wonderful integration with the maker community which is exactly why we partnered with them here in Australia.”

Graham can’t live without his Saleae Logic Analyser and Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer.

Check out the Core Electronics website here:



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