Maker Profile: Create NSW


Part of CREATE NSW (a student-led organisation and maker club at the University of NSW), CREATE UAS team was formed to compete in this year’s UAV Challenge Medical Express competition in September.  

Anthony Feizi Sobbi, UAS team member, discovered his passion for tinkering at an early age.

“As a kid I was very interested in how things work, so at the age of 5 my dad would give me old broken items and we would open them up to see what was inside.”

Anthony now studies electrical engineering at UNSW and is never without his multimeter. On being a hobby maker, Anthony comments that your designs don’t have to be perfect and you have the freedom to build whatever you want – “Also [it’s] a great stress reliever!”

Anthony cites his dad as his maker hero.

“He has taught me everything I know and he is my second brain, whenever I get stuck on a design I usually go to him for suggestions.”

The most important lesson learned from his dad? “To try to design a project with things you already have, there’s no need to always buy parts. This makes you a more creative maker and gives you a heap of experience to solve future problems.”

You can learn more about CREATE NSW here:



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