Maker Profile: Aran Blocks

Aran Blocks 1

Aran Blocks is an innovative building block system that can be used to create small weight-bearing structures. As Dev Anand Dorasamy, creator of Aran Blocks states, “It’s what you would get if LEGO met IKEA, fell in love and had a baby.”

Dev was driven to create the blocks after playing with his son Aran (whom which the blocks are named after) and his LEGO bricks. Dev noticed how the LEGO bricks only linked vertically and the structures were not very solid when built. Consequently, he set out to solve these issues with Aran Blocks.

Dev states he had a lot of learning to do when it came to mass manufacturing his plastic bricks, particularly in regards to injection moulding. Dev also cites the importance of 3D printing technology, “without 3D printing, I would have never been able to validate the design, which played a big role in convincing me this was a project worth taking forward.”

Learn more about Aran Blocks here:

Aran Blocks 4

Aran Blocks 2


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