Maker Profile: Botbitz

Botbitz_battling robots

BotBitz makes, designs and imports a variety of robots and robot-related products. They are a dominant player in the Robot Combat community and specialise in rugged high power parts.  You might also find them moonlighting as ‘Robowars Australia’, running robot-related events across the country.

Steve Martin is the creator of BotBitz. He started the business out of the need for the Australian Robotics community to have a reliable and local source of parts, “It began as a hobby on the side and has grown every year”.

Learning how to manage events has been a big task for Steve. As an engineer, the building side of BotBitz has always come naturally. However, when it comes to running events, “just a few of the things I have learnt are the value of paying an event manager, managing expectations and prioritising what your audience will care about”.

Steve’s top maker resource is Angus at Makers Muse, a fellow maker who will also be present at this year’s festival. “I use 3D printing in a lot of my prototyping…Angus…is my go-to for what to buy and where”.

On being a hobby maker versus professional maker, Steve comments, “the hardest part is trying to find time for everything.”

Finally, the one piece of kit Steve couldn’t live without? “For many years I lived without an oscilloscope on my desk…I often sit there now and wonder how I managed before having one”

Find out more about BotBiz here:

botbitz_Death ROLLbotbitz_group shot


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