Meet the Maker: Makers Place

f4mp04Makers Place is a community organisation bringing together under one roof a gaggle of makers of all shapes and sizes. From not-for-profit organisations, solo inventor to backyard tinkerers. All our members are unique in their crafts and tools. From 3d printers to throwing wheels, sewing machines to soldering irons. We welcome all makers who have an enthusiasm to share knowledge and a drive to create things with a socially or environmentally positive impact.

At this Mini Maker Faire, Makers Place will be showing off its diversity and solidarity, with a plethora of thingamajigs to delight the hands and minds of Sydney’s maker community and beyond. These delights come spilling out of the toolboxes of Makers Place members with interactive play and demonstrations from Conroy Bradley’s Inmoov robot, Elecrocrafts- a meet-up group for women and girls to share and learn the wonders of electronics. Ability Mate- a non-profit movement designing and manufacturing affordable Assistive Technology products for people with disabilities, Eora3D- making technology accessible and affordable through smartphone compatible 3d scanners, and Three Farm, founders of Makers Place and educators in 3d printing and design. Grace Turtle, Three Farm founder would also like to present a talk on community based design.


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