Meet the Maker: Deltasine

deltasine00001_1Deltasine was founded in Australia by two scientists. We met in 2002 while doing studies at the University of Wollongong.

After parting ways for a few years we wound up working on high tech products for the same company in 2011. Having amassed a vast range of skills and knowledge we decided to apply them in new ways in the world of 3D printing.

We set up small production facilities in Canberra and begun to prototype and experiment as (some) scientists do, observing and tending to every detail of our system with the goal of making the best domestic 3D printer on the market.

After countless design iterations and dozens of prototypes we refined our product to exceptional standards. Though we are currently small, our machines certainly have features and performance that out compete many of the big players in the domestic 3D printing world.

Deltasine is 100% Australian owned, our systems have been designed in Australia and are manufactured in Australia by us. As many as possible of our components and materials are sourced locally from either Australian manufacturers and/or suppliers.


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