Meet the Maker: Benson Machines 3D Printing

For over 100 years, Benson Machines has been searching the world for the best machines, with the latest technology. We are extremely proud to bring you, the precision manufacturers of Australasia, the fruits of our labour.

“Machine tools are the ‘mother’ machines that make all machines. Every manufactured product is either made by a machine tool or by a machine that was made by a machine tool. Thus, at the heart of the industrial health of any nation is its machine tool industry.”
Harvard Business School Press 1989

Benson Machines will be showcasing a demonstration of 3D scanning and printing on the Zeus 3D printer/scanner and making 3D printed USB stick covers on the Ultimaker High Resolution 3D printer. Visitors will be shown how to scan an object and then make it on the Zeus, the worlds first “”all in one”” scanner and printer.”


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