Meet the Maker: Little Scientists

Little Scientists aim to foster and maintain children’s natural curiosity for natural phenomena by taking up their questions and exploring their environment together with them.

The Little Scientists initiative offers professional development workshops for early childhood teachers and educators who then facilitate the program at their education and care services; these workshops cover a number of topics (e.g. water, air, acoustics, energy), with 2 – 3 new subjects being introduced every year. The program is tailored towards children from 3 – 6 years of age.

What will attendees take away?

– You don’t have to be a scientist!
– Teaching science and STEM to young children is fun! Be surprised by engaged and capable children.
– Learn more about the Little Scientists, our educational approach and objectives of our work
– You will learn how YOU can implement Little Scientists in your work
– Help the next generation of young Australians be more science-literate!


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