Meet the Maker: BioFoundry BioQuisitive and BioHack Australia

10521737_783385181719762_7833615548056767015_n1Biofoundry is Australia’s first open access molecular biology laboratory for the general public.

Biofoundry runs courses for enthusiasts and curious amateurs, to house and facilitate realisation of proof-of-concept startups, allow for development of practical skills for undergraduate science students, and exist as a focus point for the interaction of the general community with a molecular understanding of the environment.

Biofoundry exists to democratise science by lowering the financial and technological entry barrier to science education and research training. Tinkering is encouraged. We believe that guided practice encourages a different type of learning than theory. We learn and teach by doing.

We are a not-for-profit group and rely upon the support of our members and the community to keep our lab open. We happily accept donations (especially unwanted scientific glassware and equipment). If things are broken we like to fix them and are always happy to take broken lab gear.

Biofoundry is also home to BioHackSyd – Australia’s first DIY-Bio group.


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