Announcing our Makers for 2015!

Gavin Smith from the Sydney makerspace Robots & Dinosaurs

Gavin Smith from Sydney makerspace Robots & Dinosaurs at the 2013 Sydney Mini Maker Faire.

We are pleased to announce the projects that will be on show at the 2015 Sydney Mini Maker Faire! Over the coming days we’ll be profiling each of our makers and what they have in store for this year’s faire –  along with our program of talks, workshops and events. Watch this space!

The makers and projects for the 2015 Sydney Mini Maker Faire include:


One response to “Announcing our Makers for 2015!

  1. Looks like some great groups making an appearance this year. Sadly RoboDojo (the SW Sydney makerspace) is not among them this year as we have recently been forced to close out doors for the near future. Wish err could have been again this year but it was not to be.

    Just wanted to leave this comment here as a reminder to support your local hackerspace/makerspace as without your support it’s very hard to keep going.

    Shout out to out friends over at Robots and Dinosaurs and also Biofoundry! Best of luck to everyone and hope that everyone enjoys another great Makerfaire!


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