5 Tips for Your Sydney Mini Maker Faire Application

Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2014. Photo courtesy of Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences.

Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2014. Photo courtesy of Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences.

There are only three days left to submit an application to be part of the 2015 Sydney Mini Maker Faire. Whether you’re thinking of submitting a proposal for a stall, a workshop, a presentation or even a performance, we want to hear from you!

As the clock ticks down towards our deadline of Midnight AEST on July 21, we’ve prepared a list of tips to help you make the best possible impression for our judging panel.

1. Tell us what you’re going to present on the day

We want to hear all about your project, and the great work you’re doing, but in describing your project make sure it is clear what will actually be presented on the floor of the Faire. If your project involves any interactive components, describe what these will be including the ‘target audience’ such as: everyone, adults only, kids etc. Details like this will help to make your project stand out.

 2. Tell us how is your project unique

If your project covers a technology or process that will be familiar to the Mini Maker Faire’s audience, ensure that you highlight your ‘angle’ and explain what it is about your project that is different from things you have seen before.

If you have been part of previous Mini Maker Faires, tell us how your application is different from previous years, and if there are there new features or changes to the project.

3. Show us what your project looks like

Be sure to include a URL to an one or more images that best represents your project as it will be seen at the Sydney Mini Maker Faire. Even sketches or concept art can be useful in showing the work as it will appear on the show floor. Avoid simply including a logo for your business that we can otherwise find on your website.

4. Check your links 

It may seem obvious, but make sure that all included links to websites and images are accurate and active. If we are unable to access your web links, this can makes it hard to assess your application.

Also, be sure the websites referenced reinforce your application. A URL that points to a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” page do not help the panel assess the quality of your application.

5. Get your application in on time

Due to the quick turnaround between judging and the Sydney Mini Maker Faire, the deadline for applications cannot be extended this year. All submissions must be received by Midnight AEST on July 21.

If you have any questions about your application, feel free to contact us at sydneyminimakerfaire@maas.museum. Good luck, and we look forward to reading your applications!


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