Workshop: Learn, Play and Invent with Weaver!

Meet Weaver, the social robot

Learn, Play and Invent with Weaver!

Weaver is a social robot that designed to engage children in science, arts and technology. With an array of sensors and a user-friendly interface any child can engage with Weaver to complete a string of challenging entertaining activities that foster creativity and logical thinking.

On both Saturday and Sunday of the Sydney Mini Maker Faire, the team at Weaver will be running a series of 30 minute workshops introducing Weaver and its functionality. Vistors can even control Weaver with their own smartphones and tablets!

The workshops run in three separate sessions:

11:00am: Learn! (A short presentation about robotics)
1:00pm: Play! (Engage and control Weaver using mobile devices)
3:00pm Invent! (Customise Weaver and work in teams)

Outside of these sessions, Weaver will be proudly on display for visitors to try out and investigate, so come and say hi!

What: Learn, Play and Invent with Weaver!
Where: Level 2 (Map Ref. #16)
When: Saturday and Sunday – 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm


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