Meet the Maker: Veloscape v.6

Veloscape v.6

Veloscape v.6

Veloscape v.6 (NIEA, UNSW Art & Design) is an artistic and scholarly exploration of cycling in Sydney. Utilising a range of tools, including a specially designed biometric and sensor data logging deviceVeloscape is exploring the unique perspective the cyclist has on the urban environment, and the spectrum of emotions and sensory stimuli which colours their experience. The installation Veloscape v. 6 offers visitors a taste of our investigations, which will culminate in a series of maps and audio-visual works that present a vision of the city as illuminated by the cyclist’s presence.

Veloscape: a Curating Cities project is an art research project about cycling in Sydney led by art and design researchers Jill Bennett, Laura Fisher and Volker Kuchelmeister. The project is exploring the physical, social, navigational and environmental triggers of cyclists’ affective responses to the city. Over the next six months hundreds of cyclists will contribute to the generation of useful urban planning information and be co-creators of dynamic maps and cycle-focused visualisations of the cityscape.

*Curating Cities is an ARC linkage project led by researchers at NIEA, UNSW Art & Design in partnership with the City of Sydney, Object and Carbon Arts.

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