Meet the Maker: Weaver

Meet Weaver, the social robot

Meet Weaver, the social robot

Weaver is a social robot that is designed to engage children in science, arts and technology. With an array of sensors and a user-friendly interface any child can engage Weaver to complete a string of challenging entertaining activities that foster creativity and logical thinking. In essence, Weaver is a blank canvas that children are able to customize and program to weave their very own ideas.

In line with this philosophy, Weaver is compatible with any Wi-Fi device. As its magical interface is displayed through a web browser, no additional software installations are required. Further, by using intuitive gestures Weaver can be controlled, and, in conjunction with either its drag-and-drop programming interface or its Python language compiler, commands can be programmed. Likewise, the childproof skeleton of Weaver and its minimalistic shape allow children to create their own creative shells and add-ons as a complement of their revolutionary robotic idea.


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