Meet the Maker: Three Farm

Three Farm

Three Farm is a social design enterprise based in Sydney, Australia. They started as a group of friends with different backgrounds in design, ceramics, art, photography, printing, business and marketing. The team behind Three Farm share a vision of sustainable and ethical futures informed and encouraged by the principals of the next industrial revolution. One area of this technological revolution that really grabs them is the democratisation of manufacturing and the movement into additive manufacturing and digital manufacturing.

3DPrintingJurasicLounge4Three Farm facilitates cultural engagement though the marriage of digital and tradition fabrication and the use of up-cycled materials as a platform for teaching design thinking to action a meaningful and sustainable process for social development. They do this through tailored workshops for youth and community as well as industry tailored workshops for continued professional development. They  coordinate community led programs and have developed a range of construction toys that put change in the hands of the people through interactive, experiential design-play methods.

Geodesic Dome

About the project: 

It is Three Farm’s mission to empower individuals with the confidence, knowledge, skills and tools to design and be proud of their own futures and environments. They cater to schools, universities, colleges, businesses and other various community groups.Three Farm’s social inclusion programs reduce the technological knowledge gap in our society by delivering programs to parts of less fortunate Australia. Every program sold helps Three Farm facilitate their social inclusion initiatives at no cost to the community groups in need.

Face ScanAt Sydney’s Mini Maker Faire Three Farm will be promoting their educational services and fundraising for their social inclusion programs by demonstrating 3D scanning & printing and inviting the community to play and tinker with up-cycled construction toys.

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