Meet The Makers: Toydeath


Toydeath describe themselves as a “high calorie attack of horror pop played live on modified electronic toys!”. Since 1995 Toydeath have been making instruments out of toys using the technique of Circuit Bending. Using their tortured treasure-trove of modified toys, Toydeath have toured to Europe, the USA and Japan, producing live music from guitars, talking dolls and alphabet apples.

Toydeath is part performance, part music and features hilarious toyworld pranksters: Tic Tok, Agent Orangeand Super Dad. Get ready for some hyperactive hootenanny as they unleash the contents of a toy box six-year-olds would kill for! Now its your turn to play these amazing instruments. Visit Toydeath at the Sydney Mini Maker Faire to have a go on a Circuit Bent toy instrument!

In addition to their “Circuit Bent Petting Zoo”, Toydeath will be performing at the 2014 Sydney Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, August 16.



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