Meet the Maker: Mintchi

Mintchi's handmade eco owls

Mintchi’s handmade eco owls

Mintchi ® is an eco friendly brand of handmade home decoration and toys created in Sydney.

Offering a unique range of gifts which don’t impact our environment is something which designer Joana Mintcheva is very passionate about.

All items in the range are run exclusively for a limited time only, this is due to the core value of the business which is to only use recycled and end roll materials and not to harm the outside world or even their local neighbourhood by mass production. Even across the same product none are identical as every item is handmade and every piece has its unique features, characteristics and personality.

About their project: 

Come and join Mintchi and get your creative juices flowing to create your own little owl character using items of clothing and scrap materials. You are welcome to bring along items which you no longer need or use from around your home.

This conscious creativity and recycling of clothing and materials will not only make you feel creative, which is important for your well being, but will also make you feel great about not wasting materials and recycling, whilst having the opportunity of coming up with something very unique!

NOTE: A lot of the hand stitching can be replaced with gluing. Children should always be supervised with activities involving needles and scissors.


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