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Meet the Maker: Three Farm

Three Farm

Three Farm is a social design enterprise based in Sydney, Australia. They started as a group of friends with different backgrounds in design, ceramics, art, photography, printing, business and marketing. The team behind Three Farm share a vision of sustainable and ethical futures informed and encouraged by the principals of the next industrial revolution. One area of this technological revolution that really grabs them is the democratisation of manufacturing and the movement into additive manufacturing and digital manufacturing.

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Meet the Maker: Freematics

Project Freematics was founded by Stanley Huang in 2013. The name Freematics stands for Free (as in freedom) Telematics. The goal of the project is to make it freer, easier and cheaper for people to get access to vehicle data retrieved from vehicle OBD-II port, GPS and other sensors like accelerometer and gyro, and tinker with them, by use of open-source hardware like Arduino.

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Meet the Maker: InMoov

Meet InMoov, the first Open Source ‘3D printed life-size robot’

Meet InMoov, the first Open Source ‘3D printed life-size robot’

Joel Hackett lives in Albury New South Wales where he work for the local brick factory and in his spare time runs a small hobby business doing 3D printing. Joel first got started in 3D printing back in February 2012 when he bought his first ‘Makerbot Replicator 2’. It was a big learning curve as Joel had to teach himself how to design and 3D print.

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Meet The Makers: Toydeath


Toydeath describe themselves as a “high calorie attack of horror pop played live on modified electronic toys!”. Since 1995 Toydeath have been making instruments out of toys using the technique of Circuit Bending. Using their tortured treasure-trove of modified toys, Toydeath have toured to Europe, the USA and Japan, producing live music from guitars, talking dolls and alphabet apples. Continue reading

Meet the Maker: Mintchi

Mintchi's handmade eco owls

Mintchi’s handmade eco owls

Mintchi ® is an eco friendly brand of handmade home decoration and toys created in Sydney.

Offering a unique range of gifts which don’t impact our environment is something which designer Joana Mintcheva is very passionate about.

All items in the range are run exclusively for a limited time only, this is due to the core value of the business which is to only use recycled and end roll materials and not to harm the outside world or even their local neighbourhood by mass production. Even across the same product none are identical as every item is handmade and every piece has its unique features, characteristics and personality.

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Meet the Maker: Makers Empire


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The Maker Faire Movement

IMG_7071Curious about what the Maker Movement is all about? Producer of the Sydney Mini Maker Faire, Daniel Green, was invited to write an article  on just this topic for design blog D*Hub

When discussing the maker movement, one question inevitably arises: What is a maker?

Many activities are commonly associated with makers and the wider “movement”, from coding, cooking and crafting to podcasting, permaculture and citizen science. Then there’s the wide landscape of things created using 3D printers, not to mention the maker/hacker spaces, fab labs, and enthusiast groups that enable members and newcomers alike to get a taste for this new frontier of production.

When viewed this way, it becomes very easy to overthink what a maker is and can be – after all, how can such disparate activities truly exist under the same banner?

For the answer to this question and more check out the full article over at D*Hub

Book now for the 2014 Sydney Mini Maker Faire

The Sydney Mini Maker Faire returns to the Powerhouse Museum for the opening weekend of Sydney Design 2014 on Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 August, 10am – 5pm.

Join us for an inspiring, family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Including robotics, electronics, arts and crafts, and everything in between, Sydney Mini Maker Faire is set to entertain, inform and connect.

The 2014 Sydney Mini Maker Faire will  feature stalls showcasing Maker Projects from around Australia as well as an exclusive series of talks and workshops.

Tickets are available online now, so beat the crowds and book your tickets now.

Ticket Prices:

  • One Day Pass: $15 adult, $8 child/concession, $38 family (1 adult and up to 3 children; or 2 adults and up to 2 children)
  • Two Day Pass: $22 adult, $12 child/concession, $57 family
  • Free for Powerhouse Members
The line for entry into the 2013 Sydney Mini Maker Faire Photo by: Daniel Green

The line for entry into the 2013 Sydney Mini Maker Faire Photo by: Daniel Green

Meet The Maker: Elise Cameron-Smith

Elise Cameron-Smith designs and makes furniture. Living on the South Coast, her imagination is forever captured by the beauty of our coastlines, oceans and bush lands. Elise really aims to create pieces that evoke our natural world. Her approach is instinctive and spontaneous which produces a very feminine and soft expression in all of her work.

About her project:
Elise makes beautifully detailed timber furniture using fairly basic machinery and a lot of hand tools. She works to a really high standard of quality craftsmanship to ensure that her work will be enjoyed for generations to come. Elise will be showcasing her beautiful furniture at the Sydney Mini Maker Faire and will be giving hand-carving demonstrations to share her craft.

A sample of Elise's incredible handmade furniture

A sample of Elise’s incredible handmade furniture

Announcing the 2014 Maker Projects

Sydney_MMF_logos_facebookWe’re pleased to announce the list of projects you will find on display at this year’s Sydney Mini Maker Faire.

Check out our project list for names and links to all the projects, and stay tuned to this blog for our ‘Meet the Maker’ series for all the details on the many, varied and exciting projects you will find at the Faire.

Don’t forget this year the Faire will go for a massive 2 days with exclusive talks and workshops each day (to be announced soon). You won’t want to miss a thing!

Sydney Mini Maker Faire at the Powerhouse Museum
Saturday 16Sunday 17 August, 10am – 5pm
One day pass: $15 adult, $8 child, $38 family (1 adult and up to 3 children;
or 2 adults and up to 2 children)
Two day pass:  $22 adult, $12 child, $57 family
Free for Powerhouse Members

Book Tickets Now: One Day Pass | Two Day Pass