A Thank You

After all the preparation, set up, phone calls and countless emails, we can’t believe that the first Sydney Mini Maker Faire has come and gone. Over 3000 people came through the doors at the PowerhouseMuseum on a beautiful Sydney day, with punters filling up space on all four floors of the Museum getting a look at the fantastic stalls of our Makers.


We want to thank also those came to the Powerhouse for our first Faire, along with those who kept up the conversation on Facebook and Twitter through our #MMFSYD tag. We would also like to express our eternal gratitude to the staff on the floor of the Museum who kept us ticking over throughout the day, along with the many who toiled behind the scenes in the lead up and on the day.

And of course we want to thank all the Makers, without whom there is no Faire. Your enthusiasm and support was the glue that brought our teams together, and ensured that the Sydney Mini Maker Faire was the roaring success that it was.

After a small lie-down we’re back in action now thinking up ways we can make the Faire bigger and better for 2014, and we’ll be in touch soon with you all to let you know how you can be a part this discussion. Thank you all again, and we’ll see you all very soon.






3 responses to “A Thank You

  1. So..same time next year? We had a great time meeting all the wonderful makers. Thank you for an awesome event

  2. Thank you for your all your hard work! The children who attended with Gifted Families Support Group Inc. had a WONDERUL time. Many enjoyed showing their ‘make’ and telling others about it, whilst others spent hours wondering around and enjoying the many other creative ideas on show! It was such a well-organised and enjoyable event- congratulations. GFSG Inc. would love to be a part of it again next year!

  3. It was an awesome event. Huge thanks to all the organisers and volunteers.
    My overview video is here:

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