Meet The Maker(space) – Questacon

10049124314_5eef99a489_bThe Questacon Technology Learning Centre is located in Canberra and offers interactive workshops and public programs which immerse visitors in ideas, tools and creativity.

These workshops and outreach programs allow people to think with their hands and use the integral aspects of learning such as conversation, interaction with others and the application of knowledge to think innovatively and construct meaning and understanding of the world around them.

Through these programs Questacon hopes to create an innovative culture where students have the courage to ask why and the confidence to discover how. By encouraging every student to play with technology, to have a go and make innovative creations, we can support people to have the confidence to tackle the bigger, harder problems with inventive solutions.

At the Sydney Mini Maker Faire Question’s staff will give visitors a taste of these interactive workshops and the QTLC centre. Visitors will be challenged to create the tallest tower or largest overhang using wooden blocks. There will be materials to create marble runs that can extend in three dimensions.  Also on display will be QTLC’s 3D printer a Makey Makey fruit xylaphone.

Come and visit Questacon’s pop-up space at the Sydney Mini Maker Faire, located on Level 2 in PLC Room B. You can also find out more about Questacon at their website.


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