Meet The Maker – Sydney Robot Workshop


The Sydney Robot Workshop is an enthusiastic robotics community group located in Gladesville, Sydney Australia. They have a fully equipped workshop where members meet regularly to discuss and help each other build robots and work on various other projects of interest. Many of the members have had their work featured at various public and community events, publications, conventions and on television and film. The group originally started as the local Australian chapter of the international R2-D2 Builders Group ( but as many of the members are interested in more than just Star Wars movie robots, the workshop has branched out into other areas and plays host to several non-robotics related projects as well.

Some projects currently in progress at the workshop range from full-scale movie robots such as several R2-D2s (Star Wars feature films), B9s (Lost in Space 1965 television series) and Daleks (Doctor Who television series) to real, practical purpose built robots for experimentation and commercial applications, to autonomous UAVs (Umanned Aerial Vehicles), to non-robotics related projects such as a folding flight simulator cockpit and various full scale movie and television props.

Look forward to bumping into one of the creations of the Sydney Robot Workshop on Level 2 of the Museum during the Sydney Mini Maker Faire.

Find out more about the Sydney Robot Workshop at their website.


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