Meet The Maker – Freetronics


Photo by Angus Gratton, issued under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence.

Freetronics designs and builds sensor modules, interface boards and microcontroller boards for hobbyists to use in their projects. Their products are open source hardware and software, and are compatible with the Arduino ecosystem. Our designs have been used in everything from home automation and scientific experiments, to art projects and educational satellites sent into space!

Freetronics was created in early 2010 by Practical Arduino co-author Jonathan Oxer and technical reviewer Marc Alexander as a result of a deluge of requests for kits, parts, and other odds and ends relating to the book. Since then we’ve launched a number of products and we’re busily creating more, following the Open Source principles of sharing our designs to let other people build on our work just as we’ve built on the work of others.
Find out more about Freetronics at their website.

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