Meet The Workshop – Samuel Bruce, “Ritual Solar Observance Society”


In this workshop participants will build a hand-held solar-powered analog synth based on a hacked supermarket brand outdoor lamp, dubbed the Ritual Solar Observance Apparatus. These charge throughout the day and activate at dusk; the LED lamp is hacked to power a small synth circuit producing rhythmic chirping and squawking tones.

Samuel Bruce is an artist and musician whose practice encompasses generative audiovisual abstraction, handmade electronics, a catalogue of garage sale signs and endurance karaoke. He performs crypto-occult sonic ritual under the name Black Math, and shambolic circuit-bent techno as Knife Crimes.

You can find out more about the Ritual Solar Observance Society and artist Samuel Bruce through his website.

Participants are advised that this workshop will take 2 hours to complete and is limited to 10 places. Tickets will be issued 30 minutes before the start time on a first-come first-served basis.


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