Meet The Maker – Lucas Abela, “Temple of Din”


The Temple of Din is an Audio Arcade where sound generation – not scoring – is the game’s main objective. The arcade is made up of works by installation artist Lucas Abela, who appropriates arcade game formats to create participatory works for musical play. The games/instruments tap into the affinity people have with arcade amusements, once at the controls they instinctively know what’s expected from them, a palpability giving the works instant immediacy.

For the Sydney Mini Maker Faire Lucas will showcase some of his pinball inspired works like Pinball Pianola – a Frankenstein experiment, combining the greatest musical invention of all time, the Piano, with the coolest amusement machines ever conceived; Pinball, to create an interactive sound installation like no other.

‘Pinball Pianola’ is a musical device constructed by replacing the keyboard, hammers and front panelling of an upright piano, with a pinball cabinet butted up perpendicular against its exposed strings. Embracing high and low culture this instrument allows virtuosos and wizards alike to pit their skills in a game where musical compositions are created as metallic balls jettisoned into the game clash with the pianos resonating wires.

Lucas Abela’s Temple of Din will also feature new machines and works in progress for your amusement and amazement!

Find out more about Lucas’ work at his website


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