Meet The Maker – Warren Armstrong, “Forms of Thought”


Forms of Thought is an interactive art installation that uses a consumer EEG headset to read the brainwaves of Maker Faire attendees and combines these with data from local weather feeds to create a 3D model that is converted to an STL file, printed out on a 3D printer and presented to participants as an object d’art that they can take home with them.

Artist Warren Armstrong puts it best, “we don’t have merch like t-shirts or tote bags, but we can gvie you a 3D print-out of your brain activity, mashed together with local weather feeds and shaped like a beautiful leaf”. Participants can also have the STL file emailed to them so they can manipulate it and use it as they see fit.

Look of for Forms of Thought at the Sydney Mini Maker Faire.


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