Meet The Maker – Mini Theatrical Facades


Cliff Simcox describes himself as “Vintage 1936”, and has undertaken all manner of vocations throughout his career: graphic designer, costume artist, prop-maker, and sculptor for all manner of arts companies including Opera Australia, Sydney Theatre Company and even the Powerhouse Museum.

These days, Cliff works privately as an artist, producing his own paintings and intricate miniature models.

These models evolved from a large diorama Cliff first built about 36 years ago, duplicating a narrow gauge railway terminus in the township of Vririsetto, totally fictitious, but part of a story of a hillside railway to the monastic towns of Luano and Piori.

Cliff says about his work, “Classical Italian buildings are quite ornate and very difficult to model without computer and laser cutting of fine details – mine are a hand-crafted theatrical interpretation.

My modelling is quite simplified using materials that are easily procurable from local shopping precincts, and off the street, which is most satisfactory in a theatrical/craft idiom. Materials include: Foam Core and Matt Board offcuts (from local framer), skewers of different widths, pop sticks thick and thin, dowels, balsa wood oddments, toothpicks and matchsticks, florist wire, coat hanger wire and found and recycled objects such as beads, buttons, straws, toothpaste lids.”

Cliff Simcox will on hand working on new miniatures during the Sydney Mini Maker Faire. You can find out more about Cliff’s works through his tumblr blog.


2 responses to “Meet The Maker – Mini Theatrical Facades

  1. These look amazing!!! I wish I was in Sydney to see these models.

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