Meet The Maker – Geckostrands


Geckostrands produce pure wool scarves made with Eucalyptus leaves sourced from around Australia.

Everything is natural and no chemicals are used.  The scarves are complete wearables and fabulously suitable for all climates, they are pocket sized airplane blankets to the most stylish Australian evening adornment.

The knitting is all about challenging what knitting can be, try to figure out where the project begins and ends.

Maker Linda Chee says of the scarves’ creation:

“When you look at the blank fibre, so pristine, so pure, you must connect back to its natural origins. The Eucalypts provide that link. After gathering resources, exploring the environment and revisiting those special trees found on journeys of discovery. Decisions of what to place where to place it. Decisions of how to fold; and how to develop the rich colours with special pots becomes an obsession. Here the alchemy begins. Carefully prepared, lovingly wrapped. You wait and tend the pot, sometime later removing them from the brew. You must be patient. It’s most satisfying as you unwrap what was once so white and pure. Each scarf different to the next, yet they all come out of the same pot. You really can’t control nature.”

For information about Geckostrands can be found from their website.


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