Meet The Maker – Hammer Time Button


You see an unattended table. There’s music coming out of speakers, and a strange red button in the middle of the table. Every fibre of your being is telling you not to press the button, that you can’t touch this, but you just can’t help it.

Then, it’s Hammer Time.

Maker Olivier Mehani built the Hammer Time Button for the curious, the adventurous, and for those who need to tell others when it’s Hammer Time, because in his words”when it is Hammer Time, it is important everybody knows it. Urgently.” By connecting an emergency stop switch to his XBMC rig, Olivier ensures that MC Hammer’s eternal classic U Can’t Touch This can be played in a hurry, at all times.

Look out for the Hammer Time Button conspicuously positioned within the Sydney Mini Maker Faire. If you want to build your own, or just have a look at how Olivier built his, you can find out more here.





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