Meet The Maker – Luke Calarco, “The Human Theremin”


Artist and performer Luke Calarco has created a machine that turns his body into a theremin (a hands free synthesiser created by Leon Theremin). By moving their hands around his body, the audience can create all manner of spooky Sci-Fi sounds, and it’s a lot of fun!

Luke will be performing throughout the day as The Human Theremin, as well as presenting a stand-alone installation based on similar technology and group interaction. 

Here’s a video of The Human Theremin in action:

Luke Pasquale Calarco is a Sydney artist who mixes up aspects of art brut, relational aesthetics and street art to make works that encourage platonic intimacy between strangers through play! If you see his art on the street, a gallery or on a screen, come play and have good times forever!

Find out more about Luke’s work and “The Human Theremin” here.


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