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A Thank You

After all the preparation, set up, phone calls and countless emails, we can’t believe that the first Sydney Mini Maker Faire has come and gone. Over 3000 people came through the doors at the PowerhouseMuseum on a beautiful Sydney day, with punters filling up space on all four floors of the Museum getting a look at the fantastic stalls of our Makers.


We want to thank also those came to the Powerhouse for our first Faire, along with those who kept up the conversation on Facebook and Twitter through our #MMFSYD tag. We would also like to express our eternal gratitude to the staff on the floor of the Museum who kept us ticking over throughout the day, along with the many who toiled behind the scenes in the lead up and on the day.

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Download the schedule for the Sydney Mini Maker Faire!


The complete list and locations of stallholders, workshops and participants for the 2013 Sydney Mini Maker Faire is now available for you to download as a download as a PDF (1mb).

In addition to the workshops by the Ritual Solar Observance Society and the Sydney Origami Club, the Powerhouse Museum’s Thinkspace and Cogs’ Workshop will be running activities throughout the day (though places may be limited). Impromptu workshops will also be staged by stallholders, so keep an eye out!

Also be sure to stop by the Maker Stage, for performances and presentations by Makers throughout the day!

Meet The Maker – pcDuino


pcDuino is a mini PC platform that runs a PC-like OS such as Ubuntu and Android ICS. It outputs screen to HDMI. Moreover, it has hardware headers interface compatible with Arduino. pcDuino can be used to teach Python, C and more interesting stuff.

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Meet The Maker – Johjos


Johjos is an accessories range created from wax cotton inspired by the vibrant African continent and paying homage to the colours and eclectic patterns that are quintessentially à la mode fashion, the essence of Afro-centric beauty and elegance.

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Meet The Maker – Unellenu


unellenu create 3D fractal art in the form of models, sculptures, homewares and jewellery. These are created from materials including laser-sintered nylon, 3D printed stainless steel and sterling silver.

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Meet The Maker(space) – Questacon

10049124314_5eef99a489_bThe Questacon Technology Learning Centre is located in Canberra and offers interactive workshops and public programs which immerse visitors in ideas, tools and creativity.

These workshops and outreach programs allow people to think with their hands and use the integral aspects of learning such as conversation, interaction with others and the application of knowledge to think innovatively and construct meaning and understanding of the world around them.

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Meet The Maker – The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc.

SONY DSCThe Embroiderers’ Guild NSW want to introduce you to the wonder of thread and needle. Use recycled materials to decorate flywire with bugs, spiders and butterflies! Create an artwork for your living area by upcycling a hessian bag!

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Meet The Maker – Shan Shan and Helen Mok

10340041035_477f424042_bShan Shan Mok and Helen Mok are sisters, and both are passionate about jewellery and object design.

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Meet The Maker – Robological


Robological is a Sydney based technology consortium with a talent pool of diverse expertise ranging from engineering to cognitive sciences and the arts. While they mostly engage in serious robotics, Robological do take fun projects from time to time in the hacker spirit. Their latest, project ‘Hot-Pot’ is the next best thing to happen after the Raspberry Pi and Android (if they do say so themselves).

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Meet The Maker – Australian Electric Vehicle Society – Sydney Branch


The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Inc. (AEVA) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1973, comprising of individuals and organisations with an interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle technology.

Their purpose is to provide a forum for social and technical communication in the EV field, to create greater awareness of EVs and encourage their use, to foster further research and development in EV technology, and to be an official source of information on EVs in Australia.

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